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When you might need to say no to sex during pregnancy ???


When you might need to say no to sex during pregnancy ???

 2 When would I need to say no to sex?

Your healthcare provider may tell you to not to have sex if you have:

Placenta previa
Premature labor
Unexplained vaginal bleeding or abnormal discharge
Cervical insufficiency
A dilated cervix
Ruptured membranes (your water has broken)
An outbreak of genital herpes or feel one coming on – or your partner does. If your partner has a history of genital herpes (and you don’t), you’ll need to avoid intercourse and other genital contact for the entire third trimester, even if your partner has no sores or symptoms. The same applies to receiving oral sex if your partner has oral herpes (cold sores).
Other sexually transmitted infections (unless you and your partner have been treated and follow-up testing was negative)
Your provider may advise you to not have sex in other situations as well – for example, if there are signs you might be at risk for preterm delivery.

Don’t be shy about talking about sex with your provider. If you’ve been advised not to have sex, be sure you understand whether your provider is talking specifically about intercourse, or about putting anything in your vagina, or about any activity that could bring you to orgasm. (Orgasm can cause mild uterine contractions, as can nipple stimulation.)

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