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Students Wrongly Answered English SPM Paper , What is the cause of this problem ??


Students Wrongly Answered English SPM Paper , What is the cause of this problem ??

many people, November is the time for holidays and shopping because it’s also sale season. However, for some people, this is one of the toughest month ever as they go through the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examinations. There have been many weird questions that were asked in this major exam throughout the years. In whichever subject, we’re bound to come across questions such as “share your friend’s secrets”, “label the shoe”, “joining the anti-government”, etc.

Yes, the questions are just plain bizarre sometimes. 


The worried parent continued to explain why this question was confusing.

The worried parent then went on to ask for minimal penalty for the mistake made from the ‘error’ of the question. “I agree that some sort of points deduction could be made to be fair to those who answered the question as intended. “For example, deducting a maximum of three points for not keeping within the boundary of the question could be made while recognising that the students still wrote essays that captured the same intended themes – moving to another place and reasons for the choice.”

In the end, the parent was really just looking out for their own child. “It would be truly horrible for kids with excellent English to be penalized severely and given C’s and D’s because of a mistake made under immense examination pressure.”

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